Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Mario Bros Tshirt

I like a bit of nostalgia when it comes to tshirts and design. I think you can conjour up something that reminds someone of something they like, or their childhood, or something they used to do; you're already on a winner.

With this design I wanted to combine something I love now, with something I loved then. Sushi and Super Mario Brothers. What with a heavy "seafood theme" in all 3 games, there was so many ingredients to choose from! Originally Frogsuit Mario was to be Nigiri style sushi, but that didn't leave me many options for other dishes. So he became a Maki Sushi Roll, probably the most recognisable "icon" of sushi out of them all, perfect for the most recognisable "icon" of Mario 3, Level 3 Water World.

The rest was a natural progression, what with there already being many squid sushi, and sashimi of course.

Check it out here on Red Bubble!!


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